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Spotted in Brixton's Bowery Fleece Shirt

Kendall Jenner cut a casual look in Brixton's Bowery Fleece Shirt earlier this week, while headed out for dinner with friends in Los Angeles.

In signature Kendall style, she teamed it with a crop-top and oxford loafers for a laid-back day-to-night look.
Media Notes:
> E-Comm URL: Brixton Bowery Fleece in Military Olive
> High-Res Flat Lay
> RRP: AUD $99.95
> Kendall Image Credit: @kenny.godess
About Brixton
It started with a hat.

Growing up and finding inspiration in the 90s music scene of Southern California, a group of friends shared a diverse set of interests ranging from music and art to skateboarding and surfing. Their unique dynamic gave birth to a brand with a desire to create connection through classic style.

Looking to the past for inspiration, vintage headwear was Brixton's origin. Classic hats styled in modern ways inspired Brixton to design their first product, The Hooligan. 

Brixton continues to deliver timeless style inspired by the past, built to live in the present. au.brixton.com @brixtonanz